Indie Contractors to
Good Companies

Are you a contractor with a side business?

If you're looking to supplement your income so that you can work on your side business, we can connect you with a good company.

Are you a company looking for strong contractors?

We can connect you with people who don't need hand holding and have a strong track record. Indie contractors are your best choice.

Are you a contractor running a side business?

We will match you with a good indie company that will treat you respectfully.

Find peace of mind so that you can continue working on your side business.


We understand how important your side business is.


Are you a growing company that is looking for reliable contractors?

We can match you with indie contractors - hard working people who have dreams of running their own business. They

  • Have a track record of doing quality work

  • Have skills that match what you're looking for

  • Don't need hand holding

How does this work?

Vet for reliable contractors

Looking for a track record of reliable and quality work.

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Looking for companies that are known to respect contractors

Human Intelligence Matching

That's right. There's a person doing the actual matching. No AI gimmicks.